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November 2017 | W Academy of Salon + Spa

Congratulations to Fawzia - W Academy's Latest Cosmetology Program Graduate

It's always bittersweet seeing our students finish up their programs here at W Academy. Of course we're extremely excited and proud to introduce these new stylists, colorists, skincare specialists and skincare artists to the industry and excited about the opportunity to watch them flourish as professionals. But at the same time, we get incredibly mentally invested in our students - with professional relationships forming that are much stronger than, "I'm your teacher, your my student".

As students graduate our beauty school programs, we conduct an exit interview. It's a way for us to gauge a student's feelings about the education they've received and to help us understand what our students love about us and where we have room for improvement. Below you'll find a few of the questions and answers from that exit interview with Fawzia, W Academy's newest graduate. Congratulations!


1.  What inspired you to enroll in a cosmetology school program?

I was inspired by a friend who went to high school with me, who has advanced her own career in cosmetology to working with Hollywood's finest. Knowing that this sort of growth in the industry is possible has given me a strong sense of purpose and drive to success.

2.  Did you have a support system in place?  Who encouraged your decision to enroll?

My mother has always been my mentor. She has pushed and encourage me to pursue my career and expand my knowledge base. I have always done my family's styling and multiple member of my family told me I could progress and gain invaluable industry skills at cosmetology. 

Student Hair Style at W Academy Danville

There are a number of cosmetology schools in the East Bay.  How did you ultimately decide on W Academy?

I investigated the W Academy based on the overwhelming positive responses online, coupled with an easy commute and an impressive campus tour, I was hooked.

Do you have any advice for future students at W Academy or any beauty school for that matter?

My advice to future students would be do not miss school if possible. DON'T BE LATE. Don't wait until the last minute to finish homework, operations and assert yourself. Take make up tests in a timely manner and don't be scared to ask questions.


student hair design at w academy danville, ca
"My mother has always been my mentor. She has pushed and encourage me to pursue my career and expand my knowledge base."

Do you have a particular memory or experience that stands out to you from your time at W Academy?

I've had many good experiences but one of the most memorable moments I can recall in was a client who got a balayage and a blow out. She cried and told me afterwords "she felt like a million bucks." This was validating in and of itself.

Anything in particular that you feel like you're still working on as a stylist?

I need to believe and build my confidence and self esteem and manage my anxieties in a more productive way.


If you could work with anyone in the industry, who stands out to you?

If I could pick who I could work with in this industry it would be Ms Elayne and Ms Tammy. I chose these individuals because they solely boosted me up throughout every service and they've always believed in me and given me the confidence I've always needed. They are masters of their crafts and I hope one day to achieve similar success.

A big, heart-felt congratulations to Fawzia from your friends and family here at The W Academy of Salon + Spa.  We genuinely look forward to seeing your career progress!

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