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W Academy Creates Salon Professionals

The W Academy salon program has been designed with a heavy hands-on approach, giving aspiring artists the opportunity to become salon professionals and/or entrepreneurs. Students are led by industry experienced isntruct0rs that bring real-life experience to the classroom, and they teach using a variety of methodologies to engage all types of learners. The low teacher to student ratio allows ample opportunity to work directly with educators who prefer to be considered as mentors.

The Program Focuses on the Following Areas:

  1. Engage the Student - From day one through graduation, W Academy is focused on helping you build your confidence in your abilities and giving you the confidence to market those abilities within the industry.

  2. Master the Fundamentals - Preparing you with clean, clear and precise foundational techniques that top salons are looking for, allowing you to advance from student to salon professional as quickly as possible.

  3. The W Academy Summit Business Curriculum - Gain a thorough understanding of the business and marketing side of the salon industry, such as scheduling and maintaining a client-base, anticipating product needs and correctly predicting income.

  4. State Board Training - Students receive detailed theoretical education to prepare them to pass the state board written exam. They also participate in multiple Mock State Board practical exams more than amply prepare them to pass the practical portion of the state board.

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guest teacher at bay area beauty school

Engage with W Academy. Engage with the Industry.

From your first day of class through the day you graduate, W Academy puts a clear emphasis on giving you confidence in your ability as a salon professional. Engaging with your class, engaging with your clients and engaging you with employers - We're going to present you with the skillset needed to succeed in the industry and the confidence to trust that those skills will take you where you want to go.

guest teacher at east bay beauty school

Master the Foundational Skills

With a hands-on approach, you'll learn to make clean, precise cuts & perfect color mixtures. You'll learn to create the perfect blow-out and style from a wet set. Learn professional approaches to rollers, curlers and other accessories. You'll learn to create volume at the roots and both wave and straighten hair correctly and efficiently.

Wassim Kaddura teaching hair stylist class at beauty school

Develop Your Arsenal with Advanced Techniques

From advanced layering to current trends like balayage, our goal is for you to leave W Academy with a marketable, clear, clean and precise foundational skillset above and beyond what most schools are teaching so you can transition from student to professional as quickly as possible. Being able to walk into your first interview and being able to honestly say,"Yeah, I can do that", is a huge step in that direction.

  Mistakes are experiences. Experiences create knowledge. Knowledge creates opportunities.
- Wassim Kaddura - W Academy Founder

Bay Area Cosmetology Portfolio Building

Build a Portfolio That Opens Doors

As you transition to a professional career in the salon industry, your going to be asked to "prove it". So you can do great blowouts? Prove it. So you know how to balayage? Prove it.

A rock solid portfolio is your foot in the door and will be key to opening the doors to the types of salons that you're working towards. W Academy will offer you many opportunities to create an extremely high-level, door-opening portfolio that shows off your best work.

W Salon in San Ramon

Love the Art. Own Your Clients.

The W Academy teaches The Summit Business Curriculum, a platform developed to teach you the business side of the industry so you can build a clientele base and increase your estimated earnings. Whether you work for a salon, rent a station or operate your own business, we'll offer you the knowledge you need to maximize your profitability.

Cosmetology School Classroom

Crush the State Exam

W Academy will give you the detailed, theoretical and health/safety education needed to pass the state board written exam. You'll participate in multiple Mock State Board practical exams to amply prepare you to pass the practical portion of the state board. We bring in guest presenters to discuss the ins-and-outs and what to expect. We'll get you through this.

beauty school students

Create Lifetime Friendships & Connections

We absolutely love watching the relationships and bonds created between our student teams develop. We foster a social environment, both because it makes the learning process more fun and because it prepares you for life in a salon. With class sizes intentionally held to small groups, you're going to create lifetime friendships as well as future networking opportunities.

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  • The W Salon by Wassim can be found here.
  •   Hi! I wanted to email and let you know what an absolute pleasure it is to work with Ms. Elayne!! As you know, I'm a UCSB Graduate and I can say with full certainty that she is the best teacher I've ever had - I've retained more from her than anytime in my collegiate career! Thank you!
    - Alyssa • August 10th, 2017 (via email)

  •   The W Academy is an excellent school, brimming with talented and enthusiastic students who seem to adore what they do and teachers who provide excellent direction and support.
    - C.R. • Walnut Creek, CA (Yelp)

  •   Miss Tammy - Thank you for everything you do for us... the students of the school. You are always here, and I really appreciate all your work, because You CARE. The W Academy could not have found anyone better than you. You work so hard! And, no matter what, you are always there for us.
    - Liz • September 19th, 2017 (via email) (Yelp)

Current & Prospective Students: Health & Safety downloads are available from the State Board