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Our mission at The W Academy is to turn YOU into a future salon or spa professional who will excel throughout YOUR career. To get you from point A to point B, it's going to take hard work and dedication from both of us, but that doesn't mean you're not going to enjoy it.

Regardless of which W Academy program you embark on (Cosmetology or Esthetician), our curriculum is specifically designed to give you the best combination of hands-on, real world experience and dedicated classroom support from a group of welcoming mentors who will assist you with every step of your experience with W Academy.

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You can Expect A Hands-On Approach

There are pieces of our curriculum that are going to require some classroom time. It's a necessary component. But let's be honest - You're not going to become a master of your craft by reading a book. You become a master of your craft by digging in and doing that craft. That's exactly what you'll be doing here at W Academy - Learning your craft.

In our cosmetology program, you can expect to have scissors in your hand, cutting hair quickly. We start with the fundamentals and work our way up to some of the most advanced techniques in the industry. Throughout the program, you'll have given hundreds of cuts, created your own perfect color mixtures and will have opportunities to work on new styles with the lifelong friends you'll make throughout the year, as well as working on your family, friends and on real clients in our Academy Salon.

In our "Esti" program, you can expect real-world experience with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, all in an atmosphere specifically designed with individual spa rooms to mimick a real life spa environment. In fact, we're not just mimicking a spa environment. You'll have opportunities to work on friends, family and W Academy clients!

  Mistakes are experiences. Experiences create knowledge. Knowledge creates opportunities.
- Wassim Kaddura - W Academy Founder

Expect to Build a Marketable Portfolio

W Academy is going to get you through the state licensing process, but our mission is to truly prepare you for a career in the field. A solid portfolio will be a huge stepping stone to that end. At W Academy, you'll have hundreds of opportunities to catalog your work.

W Academy Cosmetology Portfolio Image
W Academy Cosmetology Portfolio Image
W Academy Esthetician Portfolio Image

Expect Small, Intimate Classes - A Playground for Artistry Experience

The W Academy is not a stylist mill. We intentionally keep our class sizes between 10 and 20 students to ensure that you're getting the best education possible. That means more hands-on opportunities, closer relationships with our staff and your fellow students and the opportunity to get your questions answered as they arise.

Special Events

W Academy and our student leadership team run a number of special events throughout the year with the goal of giving our students the opportunity to learn, participate and network. We've run events like fashion shows, book signings, advanced technique events with some of the industry's top professionals and opportunities to meet with representatives from high-end product manufacturers.

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Student & Employer Testimonials

We can tell you how awesome W Academy is all day long, but sometimes you just want to hear from students that have gone through our programs and the employers that have hired them.

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